Texte Catégorie ANG_Grande Coulée In the heart of nature, at the foot of the slopes of Mont-Orford, a small brewing village awaits you!
Enjoy the only mountain beer festival on September 13, 14 and 15 2024.

Choose the package of your choice, whether for one day or for the three days of the festival.
Packages are on presale from June 23 to September 3.

The package includes:

  • Access to the Hybrid lift and the activity site *
  • Access to shows *
  • Tasting glass of the 2024 edition
  • 12 tasting tokens for the selected day or 20 tokens for the 3-day passport holders
* Valid for the day of the selected package only

Access to the site:
  • Access to the site for children: When purchasing your package, you have the option of adding a ticket for children aged 6 and over at a cost of $10 which includes the ski lift and children's activities . Access to the site and hybrid lift is free for children 5 and under.
  • Access to the adult site (without tasting): $21, sold separately.
  • Online purchase : Daily fee of $8.70 + taxes per car, sold separately.
  • On site purchase : Daily fee of $13.05 + taxes per car, sold separately.
  • Package of $13.05 + taxes valid for the 3 days of the festival for the 3-day passport holders, sold separately and online only.

Grande Coulée Beer Festival - 2024
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